Kid Lit Review

I mentioned it under the Colt Humboldt tab, but it deserves a mention in the front row. Sue Morris of Kid Lit Reviews reviewed Colt Humboldt a couple days ago. Suffice it to say that the review was beyond what I would ever dare to even dream about. If I had written the words just as a fantasy exercise, I’d blush so severely that there’d be no blood left for the rest of my body and I’d most likely collapse in embarrassment before hitting the half-way point.

The kicker? Kid Lit Reviews is bluntly honest, though with just enough sugar added to ease the writer down as gently but firmly as possible. So I was expecting to read the review, think “well, that’s alright, I suppose,” then realizing five minutes later I’d been kicked in the gut with no recollection of the foot flying toward my soft midsection. 

So thank you to Kid Lit Reviews. From now on, if I come across a less than glowing review, I can forever rationalize it away: “Yes, those are very salient and legitimate criticisms. I cannot argue those points. On the other hand, Kid Lit Reviews liked it.” At that point, I’ll slip my rose colored glasses on and skip away to Oblivious Contentedness, which is a perfectly pleasant place. I understand it’s somewhere in South Dakota.



The drawing in the header of Colt wielding the claymore is taken from the cover. The cover, in turn, was created by Daniel Johnson, who hails from the original home of the Atlanta Braves – Boston. He did a fantastic job, and his portfolio is something to behold. If you should need any artwork done, you can contact him at I highly – very highly – recommend him.

New Year’s Day

It’s like New Year’s Day in June. I’ve kicked and screamed against every attempt to become a proper keeper of a blog/website, which is tough to do as I’ve been kicking and screaming against myself. Not only does it hurt, but it looks rather deranged. So it’s past time to take charge of this site and provide thoughts, no matter how random or nonsensical they may be.

A number of people have stopped by to look at this site, and sadly there is little, as in nothing, for them to look at. Boring would be the word. So it’s time to change.

I’m in the early throes of book 2 of the Colt Humboldt story, so I’ll provide updates on that as I progress, including an estimated publishing date. Maybe even start up a graph showing the number of pages written versus the number of pages planned, as I’ve seen on some author’s sites.

Woo-hoo. Yeah, still doesn’t sound overly exciting. But I’ll think up something, and if you have any suggestions or questions, fire away. The weirder the question or comment, the better.

So time to get to work. And you can credit Sue Morris of Kid Lit Reviews for lighting a fire under my keister to get this site fired up properly. Thanks, Sue. (This is NOT a stamp of approval of the book by Sue, as she has not yet reviewed it. It’s simply an deft comment by Sue as to the lame status of this site.)

You Win!…

… nothing, but the fleeting joy of knowing you were the first to stumble – quite accidentally, I’m sure – on the first post of a brand new website/blog. Eventually, it will be the site for all things tangentially related to COLT HUMBOLDT AND THE CLOSE OF DEATH novel. By tangentially, I mean existing within the realm of Earth. So, just about anything (sorry, Martians).

But a lot of work is soon to be done to fix this site up, so you may now move on to whatever site you really were looking for.

See ya.