New Year’s Day

It’s like New Year’s Day in June. I’ve kicked and screamed against every attempt to become a proper keeper of a blog/website, which is tough to do as I’ve been kicking and screaming against myself. Not only does it hurt, but it looks rather deranged. So it’s past time to take charge of this site and provide thoughts, no matter how random or nonsensical they may be.

A number of people have stopped by to look at this site, and sadly there is little, as in nothing, for them to look at. Boring would be the word. So it’s time to change.

I’m in the early throes of book 2 of the Colt Humboldt story, so I’ll provide updates on that as I progress, including an estimated publishing date. Maybe even start up a graph showing the number of pages written versus the number of pages planned, as I’ve seen on some author’s sites.

Woo-hoo. Yeah, still doesn’t sound overly exciting. But I’ll think up something, and if you have any suggestions or questions, fire away. The weirder the question or comment, the better.

So time to get to work. And you can credit Sue Morris of Kid Lit Reviews for lighting a fire under my keister to get this site fired up properly. Thanks, Sue. (This is NOT a stamp of approval of the book by Sue, as she has not yet reviewed it. It’s simply an deft comment by Sue as to the lame status of this site.)


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. I am happy to light a fire under your arse anytime. I would love to hear about the next book. Maybe it will have an illustration or two you can preview. Now that I am officially following your lit butt, I expect progress. šŸ™‚

  2. Hi there – just came across the review of your Colt Humboldt and the Close of Death book on KidLitReviews and wondered if your book is actually based on The Real Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh? If it is, we’d be delighted to know more about the story – drop me an email at – perhaps we can even stock your book in our shop? Best Caroline

    • Caroline, greetings from Los Angeles to Edinburgh. Yep, The Real Mary King’s Close is absolutely the inspiration for the story. I used to date a girl from Ayr, Scotland, and we visited Edinburgh quite a bit. This was the early 2000s, and I don’t believe The Real Mary King’s Close was open to the public at that time, so I’ve never actually seen it. But it was during those visits I heard about its history, which I found fascinating. Some of the scenes take place there, so my ignorance required a certain amount of poetic license (licence to you, of course. “my ignorance” is spelled the same on both sides of the Atlantic, I believe.)

      Coincidentally, I did some reading up on Mary King’s Close, igniting the sparks of the novel, at the Elephant House, where we often had lunch. It was only later I learned that the Elephant House is where a certain author had written much of the early Harry Potter stories. Maybe there’s a literary powder or daydreaming cream they sneak in their coffee. Note that I am no way, shape or form comparing myself to Ms. Rowling, whose stray drops of spilt (that’s for you) coffee I’m not worthy to sop up with my shirttail.

      I’ll send you an email.

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